Regulatory frameworks are continuously evolving, with regulatory bodies and public authorities adopting increasingly stricter approaches and so greatly increasing the cost of compliance with laws and regulations. In turn, this has been prompting businesses to adapt to these shifting circumstances.

Our sound knowledge of local, regional, and EU regulations, coupled with our cross-cutting expertise in all areas of business law, permits us to help our clients effectively and to creatively deal with compliance and risk assessment issues in their operations.

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Our team provides compliance and risk assessment consulting services to our clients in all areas and industries, including:

  • Data protection and privacy, Anti-money laundering (AML);
  • Customer protection, Environment, Banking and financial institutions;
  • Real estate, Procurement, Telecommunications, media, and technology;
  • Mining and energy, Insurance;
  • Other regulatory issues (agriculture, imports/exports, pharmaceuticals, intellectual property, sports, etc.).

Our approach

Our approach and preventative advice and guidance allows our clients to better understand their responsibilities and risk management requirements and reduce the impact of complex regulatory regimes on their transactions and day-to-day operations.

Our experience and membership in numerous national and international associations allows us to offer clients complete information and comprehensive overviews of trends in both the national and foreign markets. We dedicate resources to helping clients meet regulatory requirements and so facilitate their operations by implementing effective mechanisms to overcome the obstacles that compliance entails.

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Our goal is to create models and strategies that safeguard our clients’ assets and reputations and allow them to focus on achieving their business goals. We bring added value to this process due to having participated in the drafting and implementation of Serbian legislation currently in force in numerous areas.

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