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Insurers have no obstacles to assign their claims

VP Law Firm • nov 07, 2022

Insurers have no obstacles to assign their claims

Aleksandra Kozić, senior attorney at law in VP Law Firm, who manages team which deals with providing legal services in the field of insurance within section Banking and finance, gave an interview for the magazine “World of insurance”. “World of insurance” is an professional magazine in the area of law, economics and practice of insurance and reinsurance.

The main topic of this interview is development of the market for purchase of claims of insurance companies referring to previous experience that our office has in this area in Serbia and in the region, as well as the tendency of insurance companies to this type of claims management. In this interview was also discussed the impact of current events in the world on the work of insurance companies, as well as digitalization in insurance.

You can read the entire interview at the link here: