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sector manager

Aleksandra Ćalić Bošković

Senior Partner – Attorney at Law

sector manager

Aleksandra Ćalić Bošković

Senior Partner – Attorney at Law

Employment Law

Grasping the everchanging legal landscape

Employment law is an evolving field that is often highly challenging for corporations and businesses. Our employment team with over 15 years of experience provides legal advices in employment law and human resource management to local, regional, and international firms.

vukovic nasledstvo pravo
okruzenje vp
radno pravo

Efikasno upravljanje promenljivim regulatornim okruženjem

Radno pravo je oblast koja se kontinuirano menja i razvija, što može predstavljati veliki izazov za korporacije i biznise uopšte. Naš tim eksperata za radnopravne odnose sa preko 15 godina iskustva savetuje lokalne, regionalne i međunarodne klijente vezano za sva pitanja radnog prava i upravljanja ljudskim resursima.

vukovic nasledstvo pravo
okruzenje vp

Resolving labour issues

We tirelessly seek to identify and convey to our clients the key factors that create a healthy and empowering working environment thus preventing potential labour disputes. In cases when labour related disputes cannot be avoided, we help our clients develop litigation strategy and represent them before the court and other relevant authorities.

Our wealth of experience with amicable resolution of labour disputes is unrivalled in the Serbian and regional market.

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Clients are at the center of our business

We regularly advise our clients on daily employment issues starting from: drafting employment contracts and employment termination documents, flexible employment relationships, incentive programs, internal employment documentation, personal data protection matters to more complex issues such as: employment law aspects relating to mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, internal procedures (disciplinary, mobbing, discrimination), and labor inspections, negotiation and conclusion of collective agreements, employees redundancy issues, whistleblowing.

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Our services include:

  • Consulting clients on how to best structure employment agreements with staff and optimize salary policy for tax purposes;
  • Assisting with adoption of the legally required internal rules, formal procedures, and other corporate bylaws that govern the rights, duties, and responsibilities of both employers and employees;
  • Advising clients and participating in collective bargaining with the aim of improving labour relations and reconciling differences between employers and trade unions;
  • Ensuring compliance of clients’ activities with Serbian primary and secondary legislation, international conventions, and HR management standards;
  • Representing clients in formal labour disputes and alternative labour dispute resolution;
  • Consulting clients on how to apply non-compete clauses, non-solicitation clauses, confidentiality clause and personal data protection clauses in labour and management service contracts;
  • Consulting clients with assigning Serbian employees to postings abroad, as well as with hiring foreign nationals and obtaining the required work permits.
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