National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED)

The National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) is an independent, not-for-profit and non-partisan association of companies, local authorities, and civil society organisations, dedicated to ensuring better living standards and working conditions in Serbia. Founded in 2006, NALED has grown into the largest public-private association in the country.

Vuković & Partners is proud to be a member of the E-Government Alliance, a subdivision of NALED.

Trans- European Law Firm Alliance (TELFA)

The Trans-European Law Firm Alliance (TELFA) was established in 1989 with the aim of giving its clients access to law firms across Europe and so facilitating the resolution of cross-border legal disputes that require cooperation between lawyers from different jurisdictions.

Having recognised Vuković & Partners, a leading full-service law firm in Serbia, as a reliable and professional partner, in 2017 TELFA admitted our firm as a member. We are pleased to announce that TELFA has taken up our proposal to create a South-Eastern Europe chapter, in which Vuković & Partners will take a key role.

The Legal 500

Based in London, The Legal 500 has been analysing and ranking law firms throughout the world for more than three decades. The data they collect on law offices are revised and updated every year to bring the most up-to-date vision of the global legal market and allow a clear comparison between law firms.

The Legal 500 also markets the top 500 offices to potential clients in Europe and worldwide.

Vuković & Partners is ranked by the Legal 500 in four areas:
Commercial, Corporate and M&A; Dispute Resolution; Employment and Real Estate and Construction.

German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (DSW)

Since 2012, Vuković & Partners has been a member of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (DSW), the largest business association in Serbia, with over 300 members in 90 countries worldwide. The DSW helps its members improve and develop their business and, facilitates the exchange of information and networking at a wide variety of events, from formal seminars to workshops, speed business meetings, and members’ dinners, to informal venues such as its Oktobarfest Football Tournament.

The DSW DSW supports German companies operating in Serbia whilst also helping Serbian firms compete in the German market.

Serbian Bar Association

The main goals of the Serbian Bar Association are to protect the constitutional and legal position of the practise of law; safeguard the independence and improve the financial standing of legal professionals; address legal and technical issues in the judiciary actively contribute to the adoption of new legislation; and strengthen the social role of the legal profession.

We are honoured to be a member of the region’s oldest Bar Association.

Slovenian Business Club

The Slovenian Business Club is a major and influential stakeholder in Serbian and Slovenian business circles, and its members are successful Slovenian companies that operate in both Slovenia and Serbia, as well as a number of Serbian and foreign companies doing business in the two countries.

The Slovenian Business Club seeks to contribute to the professional development of its members by organising lectures, seminars, consultations, courses, and forums devoted to economic policy and related disciplines. It has presented and promoted successful projects, supported cultural events and sports matches, and helped publish articles and other media features on economic policy issues.

The Slovenian Business Club aims to promote the professional development of its members and raise their awareness of new and amended regulations enhance business relationships, provide information about opportunities for investing Serbia, and establish contacts and co-operation with Serbian government authorities, with the ultimate goal of improving conditions for foreign investment and business.

Vuković & Partners has been a proud member of the Slovenian Business Club since 2012.

Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

The Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce was founded in March 2002, and Vuković & Partners has been its member for the past seven years. The Chamber is one of the 78 Italian chambers of commerce abroad, which comprise a network of 140 offices with more than 180, 000 members.

The Chamber focuses on the needs of small and medium-sized firms. By analysing market information and organising events and meetings devoted to a variety of topics, the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce provides support for development and creates opportunities for growth.

American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham)

Vuković & Partners has been a member of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) since 2012. AmCham is a non-governmental, not-for-profit and politically independent business association that provides many opportunities for its members.

Its membership numbers close to 200 American, local and international companies across 18 sectors, namely distribution and logistics; financial services; ICT; human resources and employment; marketing / PR media/ entertainment; real estate; education; agriculture; manufacturing and production; travel and hospitality, consumer goods and services; consulting and accounting; legislation; and health and pharmaceuticals.

AmCham’s Committees drive the organisation’s efforts to improve the business environment via a two-year agenda that focuses on issues that affect membership, such as combating the grey economy, improving healthcare system, introducing e-government, further improving tax, labour and business regulations, working on much more efficient procedures regarding construction permits and improving market liquidity.

UniDebt - Debt Recovery International

UniDebt is an international cross-border online platform for debt collection active in 19 countries. Its membership has been steadily growing with Vuković & Partners joining the organisation recently.
The platform allows creditors to apply for cross-border debt collection services online, using a user-friendly form.

Applications made via the platform are forwarded directly to leading law firms, each of which has a designated person responsible for handling inquiries received through UniDebt. These local offices speak the debtor’s language, know local laws and business opportunities, and offer clients timely and reliable legal assistance with collection of claims.

If you have a claim in a foreign country, you can use the UniDebt claim form. Your application will immediately be forwarded to a lawyer in your debtor’s country of residence.

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