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Jelena Plamenac

Senior Attorney at Law


Helping you overcome uncertainties and achieve the most favourable outcome

We approach all civil law matters with promptness, initiative, proactiveness, understanding, and utmost respect for the sensitive nature of personal issues and your privacy. In the Civil Law Department, we deal with personal matters, and so we fully understand that the issues you are asking us to help you with are usually not pleasant.

We find a solution even when it is not possible

Some life situations may be difficult, but we strive to resolve disputes through negotiations and compromise to save the time and money required by formal proceedings. However, when a formal route is the only option, our team of attorneys will find the best ways to handle any issue through a cross-functional approach and collaboration with our firm’s other departments.

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Inheritance and probate administration

  • Initiation of probate proceedings and representation throughout the process;
  • Administrative requirements following probate proceedings (title registration, filing of tax returns, and related requirements);
  • Drafting and executing wills;
  • Drafting life care contracts, property disposal agreements, and deeds of gift;
  • Representation in property division proceedings.
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Consumer protection / Human and minority rights

  • Representation in mediation;
  • Initiation of and representation in consumer disputes;
  • Initiation of and representation in protection of the right to a trial within a reasonable time proceedings;
  • Gender equality;
  • Children’s rights.
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These are the most common services we provide in a range of legal fields:

Family matters

  • Legal counselling;
  • Spousal property contracts (“prenuptial agreements”);
  • Divorce litigation;
  • Child custody litigation;
  • Child support proceedings;
  • Children’s rights issues;
  • Paternity / maternity
  • Litigation;
  • Adoption / custody / foster care proceedings.
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Civil status and administrative affairs

  • Representation in issuance of personal identity documents proceedings;
  • Representation before the Administration for Foreign Nationals;
  • Representation in proceeding for obtaining working permit;
  • Representation in legal name change proceedings;
  • Representation in proceedings for deprivation / restoration of contractual capacity;
  • Declaring a missing person dead;
  • Application for / renunciation of citizenship;
  • Representation before national and local authorities (municipal bodies, police, Tax Administration).
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Asset management

  • Real estate management in Serbia (monitoring and payment of running costs, such as taxes, rents, utility costs, etc.);
  • Representation before commercial banks;
  • Representation before national and local authorities (municipal bodies, police, social security funds);
  • Representation before Tax Authorities.
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