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Višnja Mandić

Partner – Attorney at Law


Business oriented approach for best results

Our team specialized for bankruptcy and restructuring possess valuable experience, gained through some of the most prominent national cases in this area of expertise, and combine it with our general business-oriented approach to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

We represent creditors, bankruptcy administrators, and other stakeholders during all stages of bankruptcy proceedings, including participation board of creditors. We also provide full assistance in restructuring and reorganization procedures in which we strive to find the right balance and achieve optimization of the company’s current situation and its potential. In this process we actively cooperate with various economics and finance experts.

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stečaj i restrukturiranje

By using our business network regionally we offer critical advice on:

  • Financial restructuring;
  • Bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Pre-prepared Plan of reorganisation;
  • Insolvency / bankruptcy-related, litigation;
  • Separate settlement in bankruptcy through enforcement proceedings;
  • Restructuring strategy and procedures;
  • Insolvency issues in corporate and financing transactions.

Ready for any challenge

Our legal experts can rely on support from our firm’s other legal teams that specialise in corporate law, real estate and construction, valuation, accounting, and auditing, which makes them ready to consider each challenge from a broader perspective and come up with the best available solutions.

Bankruptcy and restructuring team at VP Law Firm have broad experience developing effective strategies to address the highly complex issues both domestically and regionally.

stečaj i restrukturiranje
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