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Predrag Miladinović Speaks at 32nd Serbian Business Lawyers…

VP Law Firm • may 30, 2024

Predrag Miladinović Speaks at 32nd Serbian Business Lawyers Conference

The 32nd Serbian Business Lawyers Conference, which took place from 26 to 29 May 2024 in Zlatibor, brought together legal experts from a variety of practice areas to discuss topical issues relevant for the legal community and the business sector. This year’s event focused on a broad range of questions, including digitalisation of civil procedure, economic, social, and governance (ESG) standards for sustainable business, consumer law, professional liability, FIDIC contracts, artificial intelligence and competition law, arbitration practice, and the tenth anniversary of the introduction of professional enforcement officers.

On the second day of the conference, Predrag Miladinović took part in a panel devoted to opportunities for digitalising civil procedure, where he outlined his vision of the future use of technology in the Serbian justice system. The session was moderated by Miloš Milošević, partner at the law firm of Živković Samardžić, and also included Assistant Minister of Justice Jelena Deretić, public enforcement officer Dragana Vojvodić, and Dr Branka Babović Vuksanović, associate professor at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law.

Predrag underscored the importance of integrating digital tools into civil procedure, emphasising that digitalisation promised to significantly cut trial times and increase transparency. He also spoke about the challenges of introducing digital technology, such as the need to train staff and update the legal framework to ensure digital solutions can be fully applied, as well as about the practical experiences of lawyers with digitalisation to date. The panel concluded that digitalising civil cases was not just a technical hurdle to be overcome, but also a strategic step towards modernising Serbia’s judiciary that will bring long-term benefits to both legal professionals and the general public.

The conference underscored the Serbian legal community was serious in responding to modern-day challenges whilst also being open to new business opportunities facilitated by sustainable and innovative solutions.