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VP Law Firm • Sep 15, 2009


In Media Center in Belgrade, public debate was held on the topic of “Application of the Law on Public Information”. Debate was organized by the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia (NUNS). Participants in the debate were: Nadežda Gaće (president of NUNS), Snežana Malović (Minister of justice of Serbia), Nebojša Bradić (Minister of culture of Serbia), Tomo Zorić (spokesman of the Office of the Public Prosecutor), Bruno Vekarić (spokesman of Office of the war crimes prosecutor), Rodoljub Šabić (Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection), attorney Dejan Vuković in front of the Vuković & Partners Law Office and other eminent attendees from the areas of journalism, law and public administration.

Debate was about recently adopted amendments to the Law on Public Information, which drew a significant attention of both professional and general public. The discussion was conducted about the implementation of this law so far, as well as the possible consequences that will occur due to the changes in the law.