Important announcement relating to the organization...


Dear clients and colleagues,

We are talking to you about the state of emergency declared in the territory of the Republic of Serbia caused by the epidemic "coronavirus". Since the state of emergency has been introduced, we would like to inform you that we have accepted the proposed measures of prevention of competent health institutions, respecting the rights and safety of employees, and raising the awareness of the new situation to the highest level regarding measures of general prevention, prevention regarding business meetings, as and recommendation in general. In order to be responsible to ourselves and others, to ensure health and safety, to avoid physical contacts, but also to follow the recommendations of experts, in an effort to maintain business continuity and high quality of our services as much as possible, we have taken the following measures:

- We have enabled most of the VP team to work remotely, and for a small number of those who require work in the office, work will be organized in appropriate shifts, with protective equipment, as well as enhanced hygiene measures in the facility;
- We prioritized email communication, conference calls, and other electronic communications platforms that we regularly use;
- We have instructed employees to apply technology as much as possible regarding internal and external virtual meetings;
- We have provided all the prescribed safeguards for colleagues who have to access scheduled hearings or other formal activities that do not suffer a delay during the state of emergency.

For the sake of more efficient organization and promptness and the quickest and most complete answer to all your questions, we kindly ask you to send all inquiries and information directly to your usual contact person from our team, or to the e-mail address

All adopted measures aim to preserve the health of all citizens, with the cooperation of all of us and the greatest possible discipline, and to come out of this battle together as victors. For the VP team in the current situation, the priorities are health and safety, as well as the continuous provision of services to our clients of the same quality as before.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation,
Team of Vuković & partners Law Firm aod Belgrade