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Training – Case study: Division of joint

VP Law Firm • may 19, 2022

Training – Case study: Division of joint property of the spouses

Students of the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade had the opportunity to participate in the employment fair “Lawyers at Work – Choose Your Carrer” in the case study with the topic: “Division of joint property of spouses”, organized by the law firm Vukovic and partners, led by our senior attorney at law Jelena Plamenac.

Case study started with setting a legal issue whih should be resolved and after discussion regarding rules which should be applicable, students took a part as Attorney at Law of prosecutor and diffendant, so legally described their points. It was a great pleasure to lead a training where young people showed so great legal knowledge, as well as logical thinking and initiative. Such atmosphere lead us to exceed from planned framework of study, so we covered another interesting issues from the area of Family Law and Inheritance Law as well, together with the most interesting cases from our practice, at the same time bringing students closer to what a lawyer’s job actually entains.