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Dejan Vuković appears on N1 TV morning news

VP Law Firm • july 24, 2023

Dejan Vuković appears on N1 TV morning news programme to discuss proposed amendments to Building Legalisation Law

Dejan Vuković, lawyer and vice-chair of the Property and Investment Alliance at the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), appeared on the N1 TV morning news programme on Wednesday 19 July 2023.

For the half-hour segment, Dejan was joined by architect Aleksandra Koneski Mladenović and Danica Savić of the activist group Želimo struju u 21. veku (‘We Want Electricity in the 21st Century’) to discuss proposed amendments to the Building Legalisation Law. The rules, which cover the regularisation of structures built without planning permission, will give owners of unpermitted buildings a one-month window to apply for temporary electricity, water supply, and sewerage connections.

Dejan highlighted the legal aspects of the new rules, adding that unauthorised construction was a serious issue for both the economy and society as a whole. He underscored that a more effective law had to be adopted and enforced strictly, with stringent penalties for non-compliance and better oversight arrangements, whilst efforts ought to be made at the same time to ensure people understood just how damaging illegal building was.

See the programme here: