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Inaugural Meeting of the Banking Law Association

Marina Šorak • feb 27, 2024

Inaugural Meeting of the Banking Law Association

The Banking Law Association met for the first time on 20 February 2024. The body, founded under the auspices of the National Bank of Serbia, brings together leading experts in finance, banking, and legal theory and practice.

Dejan Vuković and Predrag Miladinović, Managing Partners at VP Law Firm, attended the event.

The Banking Law Association will promote the growth of the Serbian economy as it will foster in-depth analysis of banking issues from a variety of perspectives, including law, finance, and business, provided by key local and foreign specialists. The body will also focus on encouraging best practices and enhancing expertise in the banking industry.

We are confident that the Banking Law Association will help ensure the regulatory framework meets the needs of businesses and improve the efficiency and transparency of the Serbian banking sector.