Oct 16, 2020


From: Igor Joksović,


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New Register of Health Facilities - a new electronic...

New Register of Health Facilities - a new electronic and public database centralized in the Serbian Business Registers Agency

During 2019, it has been adopted the new Law on Health Care („Official Gazette“, No. 25/2019) (hereinafter: the Law), which provides incorporation of Register of Health Facilities and Integrated records of all data which refer to the status of health facilites. The Law entrusts the keeping of the named register and records to the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA).

On October 12th 2020, SBRA officially has started to administer the Register of Health Facilities, an electronic, centralized, public repository of data on registered health facilities that perform health care activities based on decisions of the health care or pharmaceutical inspectors attesting compliance with the statutory requirements for practising health care activities.  

All existing health facilities, which were registered with the competent commercial courts, are required to submit to the SBRA a completed Application Form for Registration of Compliance, accompanied with the relevant supporting documentation, in accordance with the Law on Health Care and the Rulebook on Detailed Content of the Register of Health Facilities and Documents Required for Registration.

In the next three months, the SBRA will implement the compliance procedure free of charge. Starting from January 11th 2021, the applicants shall be obliged to submit the registration application forms along with proof of payment of the registration fee of RSD 4,900. Also, all new health facilities that will be incorporated, in the future will apply for incorporation to the Register of health facilities which is administered by APR.