Dec 13, 2011


From: Vuković & Partners


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"GREEN PULL" Project


Citadel Financial Advisory Ltd Belgrade and Vuković & Partners Law Office will jointly advise Privatization Agency of Republic of Serbia in the process of making Restructuring strategy and Restructuring Plan for the total of 15 companies, members of the popular “Green Pull”: Bačka JSC Sivac, Mala Bosna JSC Mala Bosna, Mladi Borac JSC Sonta, Agrobačka JSC Bač, Jadran JSC Nova Gajdobra, 7. Juli JSC Sirig, Dragan Marković JSC Obrenovac, PIK Zemun Zemun, Vojvodina JSC Starčevo, Omoljica JSC Omoljica, Seme Tamiš Pančevo, Dolovo JSC Dolovo, Bratstvo jedinstvo JSC Neuzina, Aleksa Šantić JSC ALeksa ŠAntić and Graničar JSC Gakovo.

The project mentioned is currently one of largest projects in Serbia and it is especially significant because of its purpose being the revival, and status and any other merging of the agricultural companies mentioned and finding possible strategic partners. The approximate value of this project is not easy to be determined, but due to early privatizations of the companies and all other relevant aspects of the matter, the value of this project is up to EUR 100,000,000.00.