Expansion of the VP team


According to expansion of the area of labor law office Vukovic & Partners, as well as increasing the amount of work, lawyers Sanja Đalić and Srđan Gligo, longtime members of the VP team, were promoted to our partners in a partnership. Lawyer Sanja Đalić is specializes in several fields such as banking law, litigation, real estate, bankruptcy and tax law.She advises and represents companies and individuals in civil, extra-judicial, executive and bankruptcy procedures. She is experienced in debt collection procedures. Her legal assistance is mainly related to advising and representing in security claims and debt collections procedures.

Lawyer Srđan Gligo was also promoted to partner in the law office Vukovic & Partners. He is focused on corporate law and representing clients in court proceedings. He consults clients in developing business principally related to statutory changes, incorporation of companies, associations and foundations, harmonization of general acts with the law and drafting corporate agreements. He advises and represents companies and other entities in civil, extra-judicial, administrative and executive procedures. He advises organizations for protecting copyright and other intellectual property rights and is experienced in procedures before the Commission for Protection of Competition.