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VP Law Firm • sep 27, 2016


On July 30th, 2015, the Belgrade City Assembly adopted the Decision on establishing “Belgrade Free Zone” and the Decision on establishing the company for managing the Free Zone.

Let us remind you that in Serbia currently operate 12 free zones:
1. Free Zone „Pirot“
2. Free Zone „Subotica“
3. Free Zone „Novi Sad“
4. Free Zone „Zrenjanin“
5. „FAS Free Zone“ Kragujevac
6. Free Zone „Užice“
7. Free Zone „Smederevo“
8. Free Zone ona „Kruševac“
9. Free Zone „Svilajnac“
10. Free Zone „Apatin“
11. Free Zone „Vranje“
12. Free Zone „Priboj“.

Therefore, “Belgrade Free Zone” is the thirteenth free zone in Serbia. It is decided that “Belgrade Free Zone” covers an area of 98ha 31a 44m2 and it shall consist of two separate parts:
1. Zone 1 – area “Baric” which covers the area of cadastral municipalities of Baric and Mislodjin;
2. Zone 2 – area “Reva” that stretches from Pancevo road, the Danube River and the newly planned port in the northeastern direction.

As it is well-known, the aim of establishing free zone is developing good business climate and developing economy through business savings. Users of the zone are domestic and foreign individuals and legal entities who practice their production and servise activities on the territory of the free zone under special conditions applicable in the territory of the free zone. The benefits that apply for practicing professional activities in the teritory of the free zone are numerous, e.g. VAT relief, exemption from import customs duties etc.