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VP Law Firm • mar 10, 2020


The first session of the NALED Property and Urban Planning Alliance in 2020, chaired by Dejan Vuković, founder and lead partner of the Vuković and Partners Law Firm, was held on Thursday, March 5th and hosted by the Notary Chamber of Serbia

On this occasion, the Alliance hosted Assistant Minister Djordje Milić, who presented to the members the most important activities of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, as well as the latest changes to the laws governing conversion with compensation, cadastre, planning and construction. The members were also presented with a quarterly report on the work of the Alliance in 2020, as well as the activities of the Alliance in the work of the relevant working groups of which it is a member, in promoting Serbia’s position on the Doing Business List of the World Bank (round tables with contributors, preparing the Action Plan for entry into the top 10 countries, conference call with World Bank team), as well as results of construction permitting statistics in 2019.

Members at the session highlighted problems encountered in business and where they need the support of the Alliance – misunderstanding of CEOP software, lack of staffing capacity in LSGs, obsolescence of regulations governing cultural property, exceeding cadastre registration deadlines if registration is initiated at the request of a party , non-implementation of provisions on merger of cases in cadastre registration, failure to provide building permits by LSGs through the service highway, address infrastructure issues in urban sprawl, address “dormant assets” used by citizen associations , etc.

All members of NALED’s Alliance for Property will direct their efforts and work through their professional activities to solve the problems identified.

In addition to Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Djordje Milic, representatives of ERSTE Bank, AIK Bank, Port of Belgrade, City of Sombor, Mionica Municipality, Law Office Vukovic and Partners, led by Predrag Miladinovic, partner and manager of the banking and Finance, Philip Morris, Office of Public Enforcement Agents, Neoplante, EOS Matrix, Kappa star group, Eco Star Puck and the City of Pancevo.

The Alliance for Property and Urbanism, as the NALED’s expert working body, was formed at the end of May 2018 by 17 NALED members and today has 37 members from different sectors. The Alliance deals with various property and legal issues, all with the aim of improving the business environment, as well as improving Serbia’s position on the World Bank’s Doing Business list, in which the Alliance’s members actively participate. Vuković and Partners Law Firm as a member whose lead partner is the Vice President of the Alliance, will strive to contribute to its goals and the reason for its establishment.