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VP Law Firm • jun 19, 2020


On 16th of June 2020. A session of the assembly of the Alliance for Property and Urbanism was held on behalf of NALED’s organizational part. The session was attended by Dejan Vukovic, Vuković and partners law firm managing partner and vice president of the Association, as well as Predrag Miladinovic, manager of the Banking and Finance sector.

The guest at the session was Jelena Deretić, Assistant to the Minister of Justice, who presented a series of activities that will enable the automation of the work of courts and easier monitoring of court cases from 2020 to 2023.

In addition to discussing plans for the introduction of electronic services in the judicature, the conference also discussed other current topics of great importance for the economy and citizens.

Among topics related to the crisis caused by COVID-19, they discussed a proposal of 20 measures to support the construction industry and the infrastructure and transport sectors within that industry, the work of contact centers for citizens and the economy who could report market irregularities during the epidemic such as higher price of medicines, basic groceries and medical and protective equipment, as well as tax treatment of donations made by companies during the COVID-19 crisis.

The discussion in the field of real estate and construction was conducted regarding the new Rulebook on the procedure of implementing the unified electronic procedure and the Regulation on location conditions, the Project of Introducing a One-Stop Real Estate Registration System in Serbia – Phase 2, which is implemented with the support of the UK Government. The results of the analysis on gender equality were also presented, which established that the number of real estate owned by women increased compared to 2018 and that women currently own 13.95% of real estate. Special attention was paid to current problems with the inaccuracy of data of the Republic Geodetic Authority in cases of checks performed by notaries and through e-counters, as well as the problem of not resolving older cases.

The Alliance for Real estate and Urbanism, as an expert working body of NALED, was founded at the end of May 2018 by 17 members of NALED, and today counts 37 members from various sectors. The Alliance deals with real estate related legal issues, which includes various topics such as: land consolidation, bankruptcy, enforcement and litigation, public procurement, right of pledge on movable and immovable property, foreign exchange business, conversion of land rights, issues related to planning and construction, registration of rights in the real estate cadastre and lines, as well as other related topics, all with the aim of improving the business environment, as well as improving Serbia’s position on the Doing Business list of the World Bank, in whose work members of the Alliance actively participate.