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Impartiality of the Arbitrator– Judgment of…

Dejan Plamenac • Dec 10, 2020

Impartiality of the Arbitrator
– Judgment of the Supreme Court in London –

The Supreme Court in London on 27.11.2020. made a decision regarding the issue of (non) bias of arbitrators in arbitration proceedings. In Halliburton Company v. Chubb Bermuda Insurance Ltd (UKSC 2018/0100), the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed Halliburton’s appeal, ruling on the following issues:

  1. Can and to what extent can an arbitrator accept an appointment in more than one case concerning the same subject matter of the dispute with only one joint party?
  2. When should an arbitrator disclose circumstances that may give rise to reasonable doubt as to his or her impartiality?

Judgment with all relevant details can be found at the following link: