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VP guest lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Union University

Predrag Stojanovski • nov 18, 2021

VP guest lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Union University

On November 8th 2021, Vuković & Partners Law Firm was a guest at the Faculty of Law, Union University, where a lecture on “Possession Lawsuits” was held. The main lecturers were lawyer Predrag Stojanovski, on behalf of our law firm, and the assistant professor at the Faculty of Law, Union University on the subject of property law – Docent PHD Aleksa Radonjić.

Possession lawsuits that initiate a dispute due to interference of the possession (in addition to self-help) are one of the forms of protection of the possession, which is why they are an extremely important topic. A special need has been recognized to provide law students, as future lawyers, with comprehensive knowledge in this field, both theoretical and practical – from the point of view of advocacy as a profession that daily engages with the subject area in practice.

The lecture discussed general issues of possession protection, but also special types of possession lawsuits, solutions of The Law on Basis of Ownership and Proprietary Relations in general, as well as special rules of the Civil Procedure Law for the procedure of interference of the possession.

Students had the opportunity to ask the lecturers questions as well to discuss the subject matter. Vuković & Partners Law Firm gladly took part in this lecture and is looking forward to future cooperation with the Faculty of Law of Union University.