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VP team is richer and stronger in the second half of 2021

VP Law Firm • dec 28, 2021

VP team is richer and stronger in the second half of 2021

Our team is associated by common goals, values and principles, while our success is reflected in the personal and professional success of each of our employees.

The team of the Vuković & Partners Law Firm was significantly strengthened in the second half of 2021.

Attorneys Tijana Pavlović, Jasna Stanković and Jelena Stamenković joined the legal team of the Banking and Finance sector.

During the second half of 2021, all of the sectors grew, so young lawyers Natasa Stefanović, Kosta Panovski, Milica Milivojević, Andrea Bačanek and Maja Nikolić commenced their legal path within the Banking and Finance sector. Our colleague Nikolina Dubroja will make the first steps in her career within the sector of Corporate and Labor Law, as well as colleagues Kristina Janićijević and Đura Vidović within the Real Estate sector.

With their voluminous work experience in the field of administration, Milorad Vukašinović, Marina Vasović and Sandra Majstorović will make the administrative support of the office even more efficient.

In addition, we proudly watch the members of our team develop professionally and we are pleased to announce that our colleagues Jovana Pavlović and Selena Gojković, who made their first steps in their legal careers with us as trainee lawyers, are continuing their collaboration with us as attorneys.

We wish everyone a lot of success in their future careers and we are looking forward to new business ventures.