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VP took a part in drafting Comparative Real Estate Guide…

VP took a part in drafting Comparative Real Estate Guide for Mondaq Platform

We are pleased to announce that Jovana Čapaković and Predrag Stojanovski, attorneys from our Real Estate team, have participated in the drafting of the Real Estate Guide for Mondaq, online platform for the Republic of Serbia, that was published in the beginning of 2022.

Mondaq is an intelligent platform founded in 1994, which collects and publishes texts of professional advisors, such as law firms and financial institutions and thus provides its visitors reliable and professional financial, regulatory and legal information and advice on topics such as employment, taxes, litigation, real estate, health care, insurance.

The Real Estate Guide, developed by our attorneys, is one of the comparative real estate guides of Mondaq, that aims to provide insight into the key points of a particular branch of law that visitors are interested in, and thus enable them to compare laws and regulations of different jurisdictions. It is divided into 11 thematic units, with each of the topics covering one or more important issues related to real estate rights in the Republic of Serbia, such as:

  • – Legal framework,
  • – Ownership,
  • – Registration,  
  • – Commercial leases,
  • – Real estate transaction,
  • – Real estate finance,
  • – Real estate investment,
  • – Planning and zoning,
  • – Environmental impact,
  • – Trends and predictions, and
  • – Tips and traps.

All topics are processed in detail and provide necessary and relevant answers to all platform visitors. You can access the Real Estate Guide on the Mondaq website by clicking on the following link:

Vuković & Partners Law Firm is taking this opportunity to congratulate our colleagues on the published guide and wishes further success and cooperation with Mondaq.