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VP participated in Finticipate – FinTech Forum

Andrea Bačanek • jun 13, 2022

VP participated in Finticipate – FinTech Forum

The unique regional event „SEE Fintech forum -Finticipate“ brought together representatives of banks, neobanks, financial experts, investors, lawyers, as well as innovators and technologists from the region, in order to provide answers to the most attractive questions in the field of digital financial services.

Will digital banks take place of traditional banks, are they going to exist in some kind of symbiosis? What is the impact of Fintech on local economy and local business? What needs to be done in regulatory framework in order for regional Fintech to keep pace with the global Fintech?

As the name suggests, Fintech merges technology and financial services and products, enabling entities in the financial and banking sectors to offer their customers an improved user experience, and to provide higher productivity and profits.

Jelisaveta Janić, senior attorney at law at Vukovic and Partners Law Firm, led us through the topic of digital microlanding as a moderator of Fireside chat under the name of „Digital microlending – The business model and future benefits“. She talked about how online lending works with Aleksandar Mančić, head of credit products at Mobi bank, the first digital bank in Serbia, while Nikola Maksimović, CEO of SmartOne Fin Tech, presented digital services in the field of microcredit provided by his Company in the countries of the region.

Participants put an emphasis on the fact that more and more beneficiaries needs this type of financing because they encounter obstacles when it comes to traditional financing with bank loans. Microcredit has a huge potential for economic growth, therefore it is necessary that all relevant participants work together on the development of the regulatory framework as well as on the understanding of local conditions and the development of digital financial services that meet modern business needs.

The forum, organized by New Angles Consulting, was also attended by Dragana Stanić, Vice Governor of the National Bank of Serbia, Nenad Paunović, director of The IT and Entrepreneurship Team in the Prime Minister’s Office, Marko Janković, president of the Securities Commission, as well as Croatian representatives of the National Bank and representatives of HANFA, Raiffeisen Bank, Finspot, ITC Hub Venture, Monry Payments, Electrocoin and many others.