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Sixth annual SEE NPL Forum, a unique event dedicated to…

VP Law Firm • nov 16, 2022

Sixth annual SEE NPL Forum, a unique event dedicated to non-performing loans in South-Eastern Europe

The sixth annual SEE NPL Forum will take place on 18 November 2022 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Belgrade, sponsored by the National Association of Valuers of Serbia.

The Forum, which will discuss non-performing loans (NPLs), will bring together more than 150 NPL market leaders, including South-Eastern European regulators, banks, investors, investment funds, financial advisors, lawyers, valuers, and collection companies from across the region.

This year’s Forum will highlight the current state of the NPL market in the region and throughout Europe. The discussion will centre on national strategies adopted to date and European and local regulatory innovations. Leading regional financial experts will analyse the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing economic and financial crisis. The event will also look at how the SEE banking sector will develop going forward, who will invest in the NPL market, which asset types will attract interest, whether securitisation may be a solution for enhancing NPL market efficiency, how to value and manage real property provided as loan collateral, and whether Serbian NPL management firms will finally be subjected to legal regulation as they are in some other European jurisdictions. A special segment of the Forum will be devoted to managing commercial receivables.

VP Law Firm and ODM Collections, as one of the leaders on the SEE NPL market, have again been invited to take part in the Forum and contribute their knowledge and experiences:

  • – Predrag Miladinović, Vice-President of the Association of Serbian Debt Management Companies (AKUPS) and Managing Partner at VP Law Firm, will moderate Panel I, ‘Does the time ahead of us present a “perfect economic storm”? With the pandemics and world conflicts, inflation and supply chain crisis happening, what’s next for the SEE economies?’.
  • – Dejan Vuković, Managing Partner at VP Law Firm, will take part in Panel II, ‘Banks’ strategies in NPL portfolio management – Trends’.
  • – Marin Gligo, Managing Director of ODM Collections, will take part in the Fireside Chat on ‘Impairment of receivables claims management B2B & B2C’.

In addition to officials of the Serbian Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of Serbia (NBS), and the Croatian National Bank (HNB), the conference will also be attended by officers of AKUPS and many other leading local and international banks and companies that make up the receivables sale and purchase ecosystem.