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VP Law Firm advised client – a company within LynxCap Group

 Kristina Jovanović • Mar 27, 2023

VP Law Firm advised client – a company within LynxCap Group

The team of the VP Law Firm provided assistance and help in the form of advising the client, a company within LynxCap Group, during the negotiations regarding the transaction which included the sale of a portfolio of problematic claims with a nominal value of more than 30 million euros, as well as purchase of a large number of real estate in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and Croatia, whose market value exceeds the amount of 22 million euros.

The VP team assisted and advised clients:

  • regarding the transactions of problematic claims, foremost in the negotiation process, portfolio analysis, highlighting key legal issues, potential strategies for solving legal problems with special reference to the time frame and efficiency, obtaining the necessary documentation, evaluating court proceedings as well as their success, preparing a sales contract as well as related legal affairs regarding the transfer of collaterals to the new creditor;
  • the procedure for purchasing real estate, in terms of highlighting key legal issues, signaling existing legal problems and the possibility of solving them with the presentation of potential strategies, providing assistance regarding the valuation of real estate, obtaining all the necessary documentation, as well as the opinions of the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Justice, regarding the possibility of acquiring property rights on immovable property by foreign legal entities, drafting contracts on the sale of immovable property, organizing and monitoring the opening of a notary deposit for the purpose of paying the agreed purchase price, as well as drafting and monitoring offers sent to pre-emptive right holders before purchase, in accordance with the applicable laws in the Republic of Serbia.

Our legal teams were led by Predrag Miladinović, managing partner, Višnja Mandić and Jelisaveta Janić, partners, as well as Aleksandra Kozić, senior lawyer. A contribution to team work was also made by Jovana Pavlović, senior lawyer, Kristina Jovanović, lawyer i Rastko Jovanović, trainee lawyer.

This transaction represents a type of successful cooperation with a company within LynxCap Group which is at the top of the ladder regarding the activities of investment funds, and which collaboration resulted in the continuation of cooperation in the form servicing of acquired receivables for the client, as well as asset management, more precisely management of acquired real estate, as a result of which the VP Law Firm will continue to represent these clients in future transactions throughout our country, as well as in the region.