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Kristina Subotić • june 6, 2023

New attorney fee from June 3, 2023

In the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 43/2023. On Friday, May 26, 2023 a new Tariff on fees and reimbursements for attorneys’ work was published, which will enter into force on Saturday, June 3, 2023.

The key innovation compared to the previous tariff is the change in the value of points from the previous 30 RSD to 45 RSD. In addition, the amount of compensation expenses that lawyers are entitled to, has also been changed, in such a way that for the work outside the office, now the lawyer is entitled to compensation in the amount of 100 points for each hour started, and a maximum of ten hours per day.

For drawing up submissions that initiate litigation proceedings, the value range of the subject matter of the dispute as well as the amount of the fee was changed. Namely, the limit of the value of disputes has been lowered, and the lawyer’s fee for disputes with a nominal value of up to RSD 45,000.00 has been specially regulated. In accordance with the above, all other limit values of disputes have been modified (Tariff No. 13).

In addition, the award for attending the hearings, either held or not, has been increased and instead of the previous 50 points, now amounts to 100 points.

There are also novelties with respect to non-assessable cases, which, in addition to increased fees for already existing disputes, also envisage fees in disputes about whistle-blower protection, discrimination and protection from abuse at work, as a fee in disputes related to the prevention and protection from domestic violence (Tariff number 14).

The amount of attorney’s fees is determined according to the valid tariff at the time of calculation, and in addition, the courts, public bailiffs, as well as all other authorities when making a decision on costs, will apply the tariff that is valid at the time of making the decision.

More detailed information on all amendments to the Tariff on fees and compensation for attorneys’ work is available in “Sl. RS Gazette”, no. 43/2023.