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eArchive – New Service of the Republic Geodetic Authority

Ivona Štus • june 26, 2023

eArchive – New Service of the Republic Geodetic Authority

The Republic Geodetic Authority has introduced a new test service called eArchive, a new application that allows all citizens of Serbia, both individuals and legal entities, including lawyers, public notaries, real estate brokers, and other professional users of the cadastre, to access and retrieve documents from the database of the Republic Geodetic Authority Digital Archive with a single click, free of charge, at any time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The aim is to provide public notaries, lawyers and real estate brokers with a comprehensive overview of the history and legal continuity of property ownership. With this move, the cadastre has significantly expedited the process, and once the application is fully operational with all the entered data,
there will no longer be a need for citizens to visit the cadastre since all the necessary information will be available from notaries, lawyers, and other professional users of the cadastre.

It is important to emphasize that this access will enable lawyers to perform their tasks more efficiently, contributing to the preservation of legal certainty in the real estate market.

eArchive enables more comfortable and effective access to archival data by providing users with the ability to view, browse, and order scanned archival documents from the central database of the Republic Geodetic Authority, without going through the procedures and submitting requests to the cadastre.

Currently, the operational phase includes data from land registry inserts and land registers/main registers. In the next phase, the RGZ plans to expand its offering and provide access to other types of archival documentation, including document collections, archival plans, and other types of documents.

In addition to digital access, one of the advantages of the new system is the ability to download all ordered documents with certified digital seals and make electronic payments, contributing to efficiency, legal certainty, and the elimination of the risk of errors.

The eArchive service, along with other publicly accessible and free services of the RGZ, can be accessed through the website of the Republic Geodetic Institute via the following link: