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VP Law Firm attended this year’s  Finticipat…

Andrea Bačanek • june 28, 2023

VP Law Firm attended this year’s  Finticipate – SEE FinTech Forum

The recently concluded Finticipate Forum brought together more than 160 key industry stakeholders from the South East Europe region and beyond.

With its inclusive approach, Finticipate welcomes a broad spectrum of stakeholders who are actively involved or interested in the fintech landscape. The event encourages collaboration and dialogue among these individuals, fostering an environment where insights, experiences, and best practices can be freely shared.

This year Finticipate Forum encompassed a wide range of compelling topics that ignited meaningful discussions among participants. One notable topic explored the influence of the latest financial crisis on financial markets and the subsequent impact on fintechs. The forum delved into the evolving dynamics between traditional banks and fintech companies, examining the potential for cooperation, competition, or alternative models. The concept of embedded banking also garnered attention, discussing how financial services seamlessly integrate into non-financial platforms. Additionally, the forum explored areas such as fraud detection and prevention, the potential of decentralized finance (DeFi), and the investment landscape in fintech. These thought-provoking topics stimulated engaging conversations and offered insights into the future of finance and the role of fintech innovation.

Our coworkers Jelisaveta Janić, Partner Attorney at Law and Andrea Bačanek, a Trainee Lawyer, attended the forum on behalf of the VP Law Firm.

We congratulate the organizers on a fantastic event and look forward to participating next year.