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VP Law Firm Facilitates Strategic Acquisition for ODM Collections

Predrag Miladinović • feb 26, 2024

VP Law Firm Facilitates Strategic Acquisition for ODM Collections

VP Law Firm recently played important role in advising ODM Collections on the acquisition of a 50% stake in a joint Non-Performing Loans (NPL) investment vehicle from LynxCap Group. The firm’s expert team, led by Dejan Plamenac, partner with an extensive background in corporate law, spearheaded the initiative to ensure a seamless transaction process.

The comprehensive legal services provided by VP Law Firm encompassed negotiations, the preparation of a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA), and the closing and registration of the acquisition. Predrag Miladinović and Višnja Mandić, both partners at the firm, along with Kristina Jovanović, an attorney at law, were instrumental in conducting thorough due diligence. Their expertise was also engaged in addressing the commercial aspects of the deal and steering the negotiations to a successful conclusion.

VP Law Firm’s involvement in this transaction underscores its commitment to delivering high-quality legal counsel and its capability to handle corporate undertakings.

Looking ahead, VP Law Firm is set to continue its collaboration with ODM Collections and LynxCap Group, extending its legal services across the Western Balkan region.