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Višnja Mandić Takes Part in Business Lawyers Association Panel

Anastasija Lukovac • mar 19, 2024

Višnja Mandić Takes Part in Business Lawyers Association Panel

On 12 March 2024, the Business Lawyers Association, headed by Dr Nataša Petrović Tomić, Professor at Belgrade University Faculty of Law, organised a panel on the role of enforcement officers in effective collection of accounts receivable and enforcement of court rulings.

The event focused on the practical aspects of enforcement, collaboration between enforcement officers and other authorities, and accessibility, transparency, performance, and oversight of enforcement officers.

Višnja Mandić, Partner at VP Law Firm, took part in a discussion on the practical aspects of enforcement in a commercial context, together with Duška Maslovara, judge at the Belgrade Commercial Court, Ljiljana Milovanović, judge at the Belgrade Commercial Court of Appeal, and Nikola Babić, head of the enforced collection department at Infostan, the integrated collection service for Belgrade’s utility companies. As part of this discussion, moderated by Belgrade-based enforcement officer Dragana Vojvodić, Ms Mandić highlighted the challenges facing enforcement officers in Serbia, in particular issues with initiating enforcement, the relationship between creditors and enforcement officers and arrangements for replacing an enforcement officer mid-procedure, and the performance of enforcement officers in collecting and selling accounts receivable, an increasingly commonplace practice in Serbia.

The panel emphasised the importance of co-operation between all relevant stakeholders for improving collection rates and ensuring court rulings are enforced.