Ordinance on facilities for which it cannot be issued…


The Ministry of Construction and Urban Planning adopted the Rulebook of objects that can not be issued construction permit, the level of construction of the building and the construction and use permit in the process of legalization of buildings. The Rulebook was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia no. 106/2013 on 5th of December 2013, and entered into force on 6th of December 2013.

The Rulebook was adopted for the porous of regulating in detail the provisions stipulated in the Law on legalization in following areas:
• conditions under which the buildings can not subsequently be issued construction permit,
• content and methods on drafting of the project-built needed for the legalization procedure,
• specific types of project-built,
• degree of development of the building,
• content and manner of issuing building and occupancy permits for buildings that are subject to legalization.