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For foreign citizens who have the business obligations in Serbia entry into the…

Nikola Hanžek • jan 28, 2021

For foreign citizens who have the business obligations in Serbia entry into the State made easier

The Government of the Republic of Serbia supported and adopted the initiative of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce which implies that the entrance in Republic of Serbia is possible for foreign citizens without the negative PCR test on SARS-CoV-2 virus (hereinafter: Covid-19) if the business issues are the reason for visiting Serbia.

At the time when we are all closely following new measures prescribed by relevant authorities, the world of business (businessmen, directors and managers of foreign companies, but also their employees) are following those measures even closer in order to trouble-free cross the borders of Republic of Serbia from business reasons.

Serbian Chamber of Commerce has recognized the moment and suggested that to the businessman and business world in general (foreign citizens that because of business obligations visit Serbia) entrance in Republic of Serbia should be made possible also without the negative RT PCR test on Covid-19 virus, if the foreign citizens previously contact the Serbian Chamber of Commerce through the email and announce their arrival, and after arriving in Republic of Serbia they do the antigen test in certified laboratory.

Before the planned visit it is enough to send an email to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce on the email address: with following content and information:

  • First and last name of the person that visits Serbia due to the business obligations;
  • Passport number of the non-resident and the name of the issuing State;
  • Short description of the business activities that are the reason to visit Republic of Serbia;
  • Planned date of arrival in Serbia with the information about the vehicle by which the non-resident is planning to arrive (number of flight and name of the airline or the registration plate of the passenger vehicle)
  • Planned date of leaving the Serbia;
  • Address of residence where the non-resident will stay while in the Republic of Serbia;
  • Phone number and e-mail address.

After processing these data, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia forwards these data to the Border Police Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia for the purpose of unimpeded entry of foreign citizens entering the country on this occasion.

The only obligation of foreign citizens who come to the Republic of Serbia in this way is to do a quick antigen test upon arrival in authorized relevant laboratories.

In purpose of normal business activities in Republic of Serbia these measures will facilitate the functioning of existing economic entities, but will also enable the attraction and realization of new foreign investments and certainly contribute to a faster recovery of the economy after a period of stagnation (or regression) during the crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus.

Note: Citizens of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia can enter the Republic of Serbia without any restrictions, only with a valid identity document (which means without a negative RT PCR test for Covid-19 virus.)