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News from the environmental protection field – IPARD projects

Jelena Plamenac • mar 15, 2022

News from the environmental protection field – IPARD projects

9th March 2022 – IPARD III program for Republic of Serbia has been adopted

IPARD III program will be realized through year 2023 and financed by EU with target to acheive european standards in environmental area and agricultural empowerment in Republic of Serbia.

Measures that will be supported under the IPARD program are the following:

Measure 1: Investments in physical property of agricultural properties;

Measure 3: Investments in physical property which pertain to processing and marketing agricultural and fishery products;

Measure 4: Agri-environmental-climate measures and organic production measures;

Measure 5: Implementing local rural development strategies – LEADER approach;

Measure 6: Investments in rural public infrastructure;

Measure 7: Diversification of agricultural properties and development of operations and

Measure 9: Technical aid (supporting the Management Body in implementing the IPARD program).

Vuković & Partners Law Firm hereby announces that we will provide full legal and consulting support when applying for financial assistance under the IPARD III program.