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Amendments to the Building Legalisation Law…

Predrag Stojanovski • avg 1, 2023

Amendments to the Building Legalisation Law: temporary infrastructure connections for unpermitted housing

On 26 July 2023, the Serbian Parliament enacted a number of laws, including amendments to the Building Legalisation Law, put forward by the Government.

The amendments allow all unpermitted residential buildings, regardless of when they were built, to be temporarily connected to infrastructure networks, including the power grid, gas mains, district heating, water supply networks, and sewerage systems.

Only owners of unpermitted homes or flats in unpermitted residential buildings will be able to benefit from the new rules, and only if the home is their sole residence. The Government will enact a byelaw to regulate in greater detail eligibility criteria and procedure for connecting these structures to public utilities within 15 days of the amendments to the Planning and Construction Law taking effect.

The option will be available for a limited time, as homeowners may only apply with their local building regularisation authorities for connection permits within 30 days after the byelaw is adopted.

These new rules are intended to bring more clarity to the residential buildings sector and will allow homeowners temporary access to infrastructure.