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Legal regulation of same-sex marriages in Serbia

Jelena Plamenac • oct 10, 2023

Legal regulation of same-sex marriages in Serbia

Based on the proposal of the „Civil Partnership Act“ from September 8th, 2023, the legal regulation of same-sex marriages in Serbia entered into the parliamentary procedure again.

According to the proposal of „Civil Partnership Act“, the life union of two adults of the same sex should be regulated, as well as the conditions for its creation and termination, the register of unions and the effects and legal consequences of the union, which is called a “civil partnership“.

The law should regulate the right to maintenance, and property relations between partners, the possibility of inheritance, tax and other benefits, rights in case of illness, rights from health, pension and social insurance and other rights, in the way these areas are regulated between married couples.

As in the previous proposals for regulating same-sex partnerships, there is not any regulation in the form of providing the possibility for same-sex partners to adopt children.