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The Importance of Determining the Existence of Marriage…

VP Law Firm • nov 7, 2023

The Importance of Determining the Existence of Marriage While Acquiring Share in the Company

In new edition of Collected Papers of the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad, there is published scientific paper of colleague Jelena Plamenac, Senior Attorney at Law, facing the importance of determining the existence of marriage while acquiring share in the company.

The main subject of paper is analysis how digitalization can contribute in resolving legal concerns which were observed in practice and which are related to the fact that a share in the company is the object of common property of spouses. There are shown the main provisions of family law in Republic of Serbia, in order to approach the meaning of common property of spouses, as well as material and procedural provisions related to the company law in Republic of Serbia, regulations on registration of companies, data and documents which are of importance for the companies and which are the object of registration. Goal is to show that checking of fact is natural person who is achieving the share in the company married while undertaking legal actions in order to achieve that share, as well as automatic, electronic recording and centralized exchange of these data between public notaries and other public authorities in that process, in the future, can greater legal security in Republic of Serbia and in the neighborhood states – Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Full paper is available via link: