Real Estate

Real Estate

The Serbian property market has been growing in recent years, with real estate construction, sales, conveyancing, and management laws and regulations seeing frequent changes. Real estate deals are becoming increasingly complex, and so only attorneys highly specialized in this field can offer comprehensive protection of property-related rights.

The Vuković and Partners real estate team provides a wide range of property legal services. Our attorneys have extensive professional experience and deep knowledge of the Serbian real estate market and laws, and take a commercial approach to all transactions. Our proficiency makes us the first and best choice for any type of property legal advice or service.


Our services in this area include:

  • Advising and assisting with all types of transactions when selling and leasing property;
  • Securing clear title to property and preparing sites for construction;
  • Assisting clients with obtaining building permits, facilitating compliance with building regulations, coordinating occupancy permit procedures, and representing clients in other procedures before competent authorities;
  • Representation in proceedings before relevant real estate cadasters for title registration and mortgage registration, foreclosure, and deletion;
  • Representation in property-related disputes;
  • Legal due diligence.


We work with and advise our clients from day one, starting with choosing and preparing a site, to constructing or purchasing property, obtaining retrospective building permits, converting land usage rights to clear title, to selling real estate. We have been working for many years with some of the largest companies in the market, and have developed best practices in managing, renting, and leasing office space and providing other related legal services.

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All of our departments work together as one team, which allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to any transaction, covering all relevant regulations in any area of law that may have a bearing on the arrangement at hand.

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